What is S.O.A.R?

Significant Ones Awakened & Released. It represents our desire to reach out, train and empower individuals, especially youth, young adults, and those who have a lack of access to training opportunities because of their financial, physical or social circumstances.

Belanja Benefaction Initiative

Belanja Benefaction Initiative

City on a Hill will operate like an “Inclusive Pro-Bono Community Resort”, where our Belanja Benefaction Initiative” promotes social integration as well as sustains the offering of pro-bono community courses to the vulnerable and disadvantaged community, especially the youth – the underprivileged, at-risk, special needs and those suffering from mental health issues.

What is Belanja Benefaction?

Belanja Benefaction” initiative (Belanja is a Malay word that means, “to treat someone”)  promotes personal social responsibility and inclusion while generating revenue to cover the operating costs incurred to serve both contributing and non-contributing participants.

The initiative categorizes two member types: Benefactor and Beneficiary.

Belanja benefactors are contributing participants who bless the initiative by paying for courses offered.

Belanja beneficiaries are members of the afflicted and disadvantaged community who conventionally would not be able to access the services aforementioned. There will be granted free access to our courses.

For every course offered at City on a Hill, 25-40% of spaces will be allocated for beneficiaries. For example, if an art course can take 10pax with 30% allocated for Belanja beneficiaries, then 7pax (70%) will be opened up for benefactors to pay to enroll and 3pax (30%) will be set-aside for Belanja beneficiaries to join for free.

This model also provides opportunities for integration of people from different backgrounds come together, thus bridging social divides and promoting social inclusion in our community.  


By consulting and partnering with relevant governing authorities, S.O.A.R will identify vulnerable and disadvantaged groups, such as the underprivileged, at-risk youths, special needs, mental health patients, elderly, etc. to offer pro-bono lessons.

Our plan is to develop a consistent daily/weekly/monthly activity schedule, where participants in the community, especially youths, can be engaged regularly.

Through faithful presence in the neighborhood, we believe that community bonds will strengthen as relationships are forged and people experience a sense of community at City on a Hill.

What Courses do we offer? 

Our courses include drama, filmmaking, wellness, fitness, arts and crafts, dance, music, writing, baking, entrepreneurship, leadership, video/music production, computer coding, barista training, e-sports, etc. We will also offer restorative services such physical therapy, music therapy, art therapy and counseling. 

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