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Sing-a-Ling Tots

For ages 2 - 4 years old

Dates: 22 Jan, 29 Jan and 1 Feb
Time: 9.15-10.00am
Cost: $30 (1 parent & 1 child) 

Sing-A-Ling Tots encourages toddlers to uncover an engaging musical world while building confidence, self-control, and communications skills. Singing, imitating sounds, rhyming, and object identification foster language skills, while creative movement to various musical “moods” develops a sense of balance, timing, and spatial awareness. Listening and turn-taking encourage blossoming social skills.

This class reflects the emotional foundations of school readiness and the latest research on music and early childhood development. It is a unique opportunity for parent and child to interact and learn together in an unhurried and joyful manner.

What a Parent and Child Will Experience in Class:

  • Instrument exploration and ensemble skill development -- Children will explore the physical characteristics and sounds of age-appropriate instruments which will eventually lead them to discover their potential for beat, rhythm, melody, and ensemble playing.
  • Vocal play -- Through vocal play, toddlers learn to form vowels and consonants, say words and phrases, and imitate rhythm and vocal inflection. In Sing-A-Ling Tots, vocal play is presented within the context of songs, chants, and activities done in class.
  • Exploration Time -- Children will love discovering specially designed instruments, textures, sounds, and movements.
  • Story time and early literacy -- Listening to stories enhances language and speech development and fosters awareness of sounds, teaches use of language, and sends the message that words and symbols have meaning. The same experiences that help toddlers learn to read a book also help them learn to read music.
  • Movement Activities -- Each class provides various opportunities for movement such as synchronized movement, group dances and circle games, and even expressive movement.
  • Together Time -- Sing-A-Ling is the essence of quality time, allowing parents to make the most of the fleeting toddler years, giving them the time and the tools to make music and memories together in class and at home.

Sing-a-Ling was started with a desire to help young children learn music the happier way. Founder and instructor, Stacia Su holds a Diploma in Music - ATCL from Trinity College London. She has more than a decade's experience of teaching early childhood music privately at studios and is a certified teacher for Music for Young Mozarts syllabus, a US syllabus specialising in teaching music to young children.

Event Details

Event Date 22/01/2020 9:15 am
Event End Date 22/01/2020 10:00 am
Price $30 (1 parent & 1 child)
Trainer Sing-A-Ling
Location 9 King Albert Park, #B1-01, Singapore 589474
We are no longer accepting registration for this event

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