6 Tips To Look For A Venue To Rent While Saving Money

Are you planning to host an event in Singapore and looking for an affordable venue to rent? While events in Singapore are aplenty, ranging from weddings and corporate events to family gatherings and workshops, the cost of renting event venues in Singapore can quickly add up. With some careful planning and research, it is possible to save money on event venue rentals in Singapore without compromising on quality. 

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In this article, we offer some tips and strategies for Singaporeans looking to save money on event venue rentals. Whether you are planning an unforgettable birthday bash or a professional corporate event, these tips can help you keep costs down while creating a memorable and enjoyable event.

1. Choosing the right venue to rent

The place you host your event is a crucial factor in the success of your event. Finding a venue within budget can be tough as the cost of renting an event space in Singapore varies based on location, size, and amenities. Generally, you can expect to pay around $50 to $200 per hour for a small event space, while larger venues can cost upwards of $500 per hour. City On A Hill offers flexible pricing options to fit different budgets. For example, our Multi-Use Studio of 70sqm goes at $55 an hour and a full venue booking of 355sqm at City On A Hill goes at $300 an hour*. 

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However, it is imperative for one to not only factor in direct costs such as price and size, but also intangible costs, like the ambiance of the place, accessibility and functionality. Having a venue that is within the heartlands of Singapore can add value to your event. For example, City On A Hill is located in KAP Mall which includes amenities like a minimart, restaurants, cinema and is within walking distance of KAP MRT Station. 

*Prices are based on off-peak timing. For more details, refer to our space rental brochure.

2. Budgeting for venue to rent

When it comes to planning an event, budgeting is an essential component to ensure its success. Budgeting involves creating a plan that outlines the expenses and allows you to track your spending, allocate resources accordingly, and identify areas where you can cut costs. By budgeting for an event, you can make informed decisions on how you spend your money and ensure that you stay within your means. 

Event planning consists of looking for a venue, decorations, food and activities, and striking a balance between all these aspects can be tricky. Thus, knowing your exact budget can ease your workload during research. Our venue offers catering options to fit different budgets. Our catering menu starts from as low as $4 per head to $32 per head. We can even specially customise a menu that will suit your budget and occasion, as well as accommodate dietary restrictions. In fact, when you cater from us, we can even extend up to a 50% discount off our space rental fees!

3. Use online tools

Nowadays, with online tools being so accessible, one should leverage on them to help keep your event affordable. Online invitations can be easily designed through Canva and sent through social media pages for publicity, and ChatGPT could even be a great assistant to help with providing creative ideas, information and calculating budgets. 

4. Find an all-in-one event planner

Organising an event in Singapore can be a daunting task, but with the right planning and support, it can be a breeze. An experienced event planner can provide valuable expertise in areas such as budgeting, vendor selection, and event logistics, which can help you avoid costly mistakes and make the most of your resources. 

Event planners also often have established relationships with vendors and can negotiate better rates on your behalf. They may also be able to recommend vendors that offer better value for your money. Moreover, planning an event takes a significant amount of time and effort, which can be a drain on your resources if you are not familiar with the process. Hiring an event planner can free up your time to focus on other aspects of your event such as finding the ideal venue to rent or working on your business. 

As an events venue, City On A Hill has links with event planners as well as a multitude of partnerships with vendors that can provide DJs, various live food stations as well as photographers, which will help to smooth out the process of planning your event!

5. Plan ahead

Booking your event in advance can provide you with cost-savings. Many venues and vendors offer discounts for early bookings, as it allows them to plan and allocate resources more efficiently. By booking in advance, you can secure your preferred date and time, as well as negotiate better rates with vendors and suppliers. In addition, booking in advance gives you more time to plan and prepare for your event, which can also help you save money. You can also avoid rush fees and last-minute expenses by having everything in place well ahead of time. City On A Hill offers a 5% early bird discount for booking more than 3 months in advance.

6. Choose off-peak seasons and timings

Venues often charge lower rental rates during off-peak periods, as they have less demand for their space. This can help you save money on your event budget, especially if you are hosting a large event. For example, City On A Hill provides tiered pricing with cheaper prices for off-peak periods on venue to rent. While a 1 hour booking for our Medium Auditorium might cost $145 per hour on a weekend, prices can go down to $105 per hour on a weekday morning. Likewise, vendors such as caterers, photographers, and equipment rental companies may also offer lower rates during off-peak periods. This can help you save money on event services, while still ensuring high-quality service and products. 

Choosing off-peak timings venue to rent can also give you more flexibility in terms of venue and vendor availability. This can help you negotiate better rates and avoid additional fees or surcharges for last-minute bookings or changes.

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In conclusion, there are many ways to save money on event venue rentals in Singapore. With careful planning and consideration, you can host an event that is both affordable and unforgettable. So why not put these tips into practice and start planning your next event in Singapore today!

City On A Hill is a non-profit events venue. We provide a versatile venue designed to accommodate a myriad of events. Whether you are looking for an auditorium to host an corporate annual general meeting (AGM), or a place for live-stream recording, training workshops, seminars, smaller project meetings and discussions, fitness and dance, art and baking, music jam sessions, or a place to simply rest and recharge, we have the space to meet your needs.

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