What We Are About

City On A Hill is a non-profit organisation that believes in providing a safe and conducive environment to restore, nurture and empower individuals, through SPORTS, ARTS and MEDIA, to achieve their fullest potential.

We seek to be a bridge in community that connect trainers and coaches in sports, arts and media with the community, especially beneficiaries from vulnerable and disadvantaged communities.

Vision: To empower individuals to pursue their dreams and live purpose-filled lives.

Mission: To see broken hearts healed, hope restored, and lives transformed through sports, arts, media and missions.

Why Sports, Arts & Media?

SPORTS – Sports promote the fostering of relationships and a healthy lifestyle. It is also a well-established platform for building character and imparting life values, especially with children and youth.

ARTS – Arts is an avenue for people to express themselves and soothe their hearts and minds through varied forms of artistic communications. Every artwork carries a message and through displays of artworks, like a poem, painting, song or dance, people can receive comfort and healing.

MEDIA – Media shapes and influences beliefs, cultures, attitudes, values, and behaviours.

Social Impact Goals

City on a Hill intends to create long-term social impact and contribute to the vibrancy of community life by complementing existing state efforts to coordinate social services at the community level, enhance intergenerational social connections and build the “hidden wealth” of Singapore’s social compact in terms of enhancing citizens’ character, well-being and relationships.

By building a network of enablers, enabled and needy, creating a community culture of care founded on personal actualisation becomes not just tenable, but sustainable. This model also has the power and potential to duplicate and flourish non-exhaustively to bless at the national and international levels.

Sports. Arts. Media. Missions.

Our logo effectively illustrates our motto

  • Sports (Singapore Sports Hub)
  • Arts (Esplanade)
  • Media (ArtScience Museum)
  • Missions (Changi Airport)