7 Etiquette Rules In Coworking Space For Side Hustler

Venturing into the world of side hustles is both exciting and challenging. As you passionately drive your side gig forward, a coworking space can offer an ideal environment to grow and network. But, like any shared space, there are unspoken rules to ensure everyone’s experience is positive. Here are the top etiquette rules tailored for the side hustler in a coworking environment:

7 Etiquette Rules In Coworking Space For Side Hustler

1. Respect the Space

Side Hustle Insight: You might be burning the midnight oil to get your side hustle off the ground, but that doesn’t mean leaving your workspace in chaos. Clean up after yourself. Remember, a tidy workspace reflects your commitment and professionalism, and you never know who might be watching – potential collaborators or clients might be right next to you!

2. Keep Noise Levels Down

Side Hustle Insight: Whether you’re on a call with a supplier, discussing ideas with a partner, or just jamming to music for inspiration, always be conscious of the noise you make. Use headphones and find private corners for calls. Your side gig might be your passion, but it shouldn’t disrupt another’s focus.

3. Be Mindful of Meeting Rooms

Side Hustle Insight: Need to brainstorm or have a client meeting? Book a meeting room. But remember, time is valuable, especially in bustling coworking spaces. Only reserve the time you need and always vacate promptly. Being respectful of shared resources showcases your side hustle’s professionalism.

4. Network, But Don’t Be Pushy

Side Hustle Insight: Coworking spaces are networking goldmines for side hustlers. While it’s tempting to pitch your idea or services to everyone, be discerning. Build genuine relationships first. A well-timed conversation over coffee can be more effective than a barrage of unsolicited pitches.

5. Respect Privacy

Side Hustle Insight: Just as you’re protective of your side hustle’s ideas and data, so are others about theirs. If you overhear conversations or see open documents, maintain discretion. Trust is invaluable in shared spaces, especially when you’re hoping to collaborate or gain clients.

6. Share, Don’t Hog Resources

Side Hustle Insight: In the race to elevate your side gig, it’s easy to forget shared resources – be it a printer, the coffee machine, or a particularly cozy nook. Remember, everyone’s there with a dream, just like you. Use, don’t abuse. Sharing is not just about physical resources; it’s about creating an environment of mutual respect and growth.

7. Engage in Community Activities

Side Hustle Insight: Many coworking spaces organize events or workshops. As a side hustler, these are opportunities not just for fun but also for learning and networking. Participate actively. Who knows, the next workshop might just have the insight you need to take your side hustle to new heights!

In Conclusion

Coworking spaces are vibrant hubs of activity, teeming with potential and opportunities for side hustlers. By adhering to these etiquette rules, you ensure that you not only maximize your productivity but also contribute positively to the community. After all, your side hustle thrives best when it’s both independent and interconnected!

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