Celebrating Supermoms: Showcasing Strength, Success, and Women Empowerment in Event and Co Working Space For Moms

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In the month of May, we celebrated Mother’s Day; a day to celebrate and honour the women who have given us life, love, and endless support. Whether it’s your own mother, grandmother, stepmom, or another maternal figure in your life, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show your appreciation and gratitude.

So, let’s take the opportunity to celebrate these incredible women and give back to them in our own little ways. In this article, we will look at the ways we can support, empower and celebrate women and their families in event and co working space for moms.

A Place of Respite and Support

As a parent, finding time and space to work can be challenging, with the responsibilities of childcare and household duties. Co-working spaces offer a solution by providing a professional workspace that is conducive to productivity and collaboration, while also allowing for flexibility and convenience.

Having a change of environment to one that is less stressful can help one to focus better, especially for co-working spaces with a variety of seating types to choose from depending on your needs. City On A Hill offers a variety of seating options, including individual booths for those looking for a solo productive session, project booths for those coming in groups to spur each other on, multi-step booths for those who enjoy curling up with a book and even nap pods for those needing a quick recharge.

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Co-working spaces also have amenities that are particularly beneficial to moms. For example, City On A Hill provides a ping-pong table and board games for some fun family bonding whilst catching up on work. Thus, co-working spaces offer complementary amenities as well as a flexible and supportive environment that can help parents thrive in their work while also balancing the demands of parenthood.]

Co Working Spaces For Moms – Empowering the Whole Family

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Some co-working places also host events concurrently in their space targeted at families. For example, City On A Hill has regular events such as mandarin playgroups for kids, ballet lessons as well as parenthood talks. These myriad of activities aim towards holistic development for kids as well as building a network for mothers to find support and connect with other parents. Thus, moms can have a familiar space to get some work done while sending their kid for enrichment lessons, as well as find a like-minded community to grow with; personally and professionally.

Some spaces also allow families to book and use their facilities for self-initiated activities. Engage in some family bonding time by going for a workshop together or simply appreciating the small joys of life together. A great suggestion would be baking as a family!

bukit timah baking room for moms and family

This is not only a great option to make some unforgettable memories together, but also an opportunity for discovery for kids, be it in the development of independence or just an exploration of skills and hobbies.

This is a valuable learning opportunity for not just the kids, but the parents as well. Develop patience, communication skills and even curiosity in trying new recipes or techniques while baking. It offers a platform for personal growth, skill development and nurturing of the parent-child relationship, overall empowering the entire family.

Celebrating Strength

Event spaces can play a significant role in celebrating the strength of mothers by providing them with a platform to showcase their skills and talents. One impactful way to achieve this is by utilising the space to host workshops specifically designed and led by mothers. These workshops can serve as a space for mothers to share their expertise, creativity, and passion with others.

motherhood workshop

Whether it’s painting, baking, or any other form of artistic expression, these workshops allow mothers to not only demonstrate their artistic abilities but also share their stories and perspectives.

By providing a supportive environment where mothers can shine as instructors and facilitators, event spaces empower them to embrace their talents, build confidence, and inspire others.

These workshops become a celebration of motherhood, highlighting the immense strength, creativity, and multidimensional capabilities of mothers in a way that leaves a lasting impact on both participants and the broader community.


Overall, co-working and event spaces can be the key moms require to unlock their fullest potential. They offer a professional, flexible, and supportive environment that can help moms thrive in their work while also balancing the demands of motherhood. No matter if you are mother, grandmother, stepmom or any other maternal figure, a co-working and events space can provide the space and resources you need to achieve your goals and pursue your passions, all while being a great mom!

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